digital video synthesis in vsynth

This workshop covers the fundamentals of real time spatio-temporal composition using the digital video synthesis environment Vsynth for Max/Msp.

Over the course of 4 sessions, we will cover the following topics

Folks with any levels of experience are welcome to sign up, this class should offer useful experiences for complete beginners as well as experienced video synth heads. This class will mainly focus on techniques that can be abstracted to general video synthesis systems and not so much on the specifics of using Max or Vsynth itself. We will also focus mainly on generating video entirely within Vsynth as opposed to working with any external video sources.

You will need to have a computer with the most recent version of Max and Vsynth packaged installed. You can get a 30 day trial license for Max that will allow you to use it without restrictions. After 30 days, the only limitation is that you cannot save any patches.

Each online only session will be about 90 minutes long. Classes will be recorded and archived, however this is primarily to serve as a reference, not as a replacement for attending the live sessions. All students are expected to have cameras and microphones on and be ready and willing to contribute when class is in session. If you have any questions please contact ex.zee.ex @


tickets on sale from 5-12 through 6-1. We can offer 1 scholarship ticket for this workshop, please email if you would like to be considered for free entry.

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Mondays at 9pm EDT (Eastern Daylight US Time)

Monday June 3 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 10 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 17 9-1030pm EDT

Monday June 24 9-1030pm EDT

about the instructor

I’ve been designing my own personal video synthesis systems for over 10 years, and have a suite of open source video synthesis apps for Desktop computers as well as hardware video synths based around raspberry pi & jetson nano sbcs called the Video Synthesis Ecosphere. I’ve been teaching video synthesis and feedback techniques for over 5 years through Phase Space, Phase Shift, and now Polyphase Portal. You can find out more about me at

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