Introduction to Composite Video Circuitry – Part II [past]

with Sean Russell Hallowell


This is an online-only course with four meetings. Each session lasts about two hours. Individual sessions will be recorded and archived for later use, though this course is intended to be taken as a communal, real-time experience. Archived sessions are best used as a reference, not as replacement for live instruction.


Apr/May 2024 session

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Tues Apr 30 // 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern
Tues May 7 // 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern
Tues May 14 – * break *
Tues May 21 // 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern
Tues May 28 // 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern


This workshop — the second in a two part series — will explore how to process composite video signals with basic electronic circuitry. Building off of the work done in Part I with processing circuitry, we will expand to generating our own oscillators from scratch and using them to modulate both the luminance and the chrominance elements of composite video signals.

SOME electronics experience required (ideally Part I). Specifically, facility expected with topics including reading schematics, IC layout, function of basic electronic components, and practical breadboarding. Participants must source their own materials (~$50-75 based off where you buy them*) as well as provide their own equipment to generate and display composite video signals (camera or VCR, CRT, et cetera).


A BoM with links for what to buy and where to buy it is available here:


Questions regarding the materials or anything else? Contact

About the instructor: Sean Russell Hallowell is a composer and video artist from San Francisco. More online @isorhythmics and at


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