[postponed] Magick, Video Art, and Narrative

April-May 2024
led by Andrei Jay

This class has been postponed to an unknown future time. A sign up form for folks interested in taking this class is forthcoming

This class will cover basic concepts and techniques for composing abstract video art using Magickal techniques. While it is recommended to have some kind of live method for generating video (feedback, synthesis, apps, live coding, light manipulation etc), this class is open to anyone who creates video by any methods available. This class will also heavily feature discussions and everyone will be expected to contribute at some point. Participants in the class will be given homework to create a new short (60 seconds or less) video piece every week based on a specific prompt and each class will begin with selected screenings and discussions of homeworks.


Price: 150usd

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class 1: What is Magick?  How is it used nonreflexively every day, and what are various approachs folks have had to develop reflexive usages over history?  Traditional and abstract methods of narrative.  Holography and Sigils.

class 2: The sufi approach & the monastic approach, art industries & art jails.  Goethe, color and perception.
class 3:  Animism, entities, demons, angels, and the Genius.  Pantheons, ecologies, and political systems.  Metamagical thinking and the Fool.

class 4: Shapes, curves, motion and sensuality.  Magick and video art techniques embedded within ‘traditional’ narrative contexts.  

class 5: Share your final projects & general feedback session

Refund Policy

Full refund if contacted more than 1 week before the first class session starts, no refunds 1 week after the first class session starts, and a gradient of potential refunds in between.

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